Sofas that come apart for delivery

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could buy sofas that come apart for delivery?

Life would just be one hell of a lot easier! Let’s face it, for those living in apartments on the tenth floor, or those with tight entrance areas, being able to buy sofas for small doorways would be a huge relief.

Thanks to our sofa in a box range you no longer have to compromise. We’ve
revolutionized sofa purchasing in the UK. We build sofas that come apart for small doorways , that are undeniably comfy, cosy and ridiculously creative.

We are proud to be amongst the first to build high quality sofas, chairs and snugglers with stylish designs that arrive at your doorstep in manageable boxes ready for you to build without the need for tools in a matter of minutes. Once fully built, the fact that they were delivered in pieces is undetectable.