Sofas that dismantle

Most everyday sofas suffer from the same big issue – they’re big, heavy and an absolute nightmare to transport in and out of people’s homes.

It can be really tricky squeezing a sofa through a tight door frame and down a narrow hallway. This is particularly annoying for those that rent or need to move home on a regular basis. A sofa in a box would eliminate the issue of getting it into the home, but what about when it’s time to uproots?

We have managed to resolve this tremendous issue with our sofas that dismantle. We know the importance of owning sofas that are stylish and comfy and the fact that once fully assembled, you’d never know the sofa was originally delivered in boxes and assembled in minutes by hand without the use of tools.

Our sofas have all the qualities you’d associate with a high-end sofa, but can be dismantled just as easily as they originally went together.