Sofas In A Box

It’s oh-so comfy, super-soft, and ridiculously convenient.

Ever Dreamt Of A Sofa Delivered To Your Door In A Box?

Well, a new kinda of sofa is here, the most comfy, easy to move, fits into your lifestyle type of sofa… Straight outta the box. Say hey to the all new sofas in a box range.

Super Fast Delivery

Delivered to your door in cute and convenient manageable size boxes in just 3-5 days for FREE!


Back-flopped, feet-propped, eyes-wide, smile-to-the-side, ready to relax-to-the-max kind of comfy.

Dreamy Colours

Carefully chosen, gorgeous colours. Grey, Navy Blue, Forest Greens. you’ll want them all… decisions.

Made In The U.K

Designed by us, made by us, right here in the UK in our very own factory to stand the test of time.

sofa in a box
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The newest kind of sofas are here, sofas in a box.

The Sofa thats ready for every occasion, from “squeeze-on” movie nights to spontaneous pillow fights. Relax and enjoy life in the slow lane because your soon-to-be-sofa can host as hard as it chills. It’s the sofa that just keeps on giving.

The perfect place to chill… every. single. day.

These aren’t just any type of sofas… They’re sofas in a box with mmmmmm yeah comfort

All we can say for sure is you’ll want to spend every waking minute (and some sleepy minutes) on this sofa. Probably.

Forget-Me-Not Looks

Is it too much to ask for pinch-yourself good looks that don’t fade over time? We don’t think so. Super-soft backrest, perfectly supportive padding and loose bolster cushions that are even softer than a Mr Whippy.

Pinch-Yourself Comfort

The sofa that just hits different. Made from a combination of marshmallows and cloud nine, the 2-seater is ready to whisk you off your feet and become your dreamiest spot…

Sofas in a box, Pinch me, am I dreaming? that sofa really came out a box!

The only sofa in the world Instagram ready straight outta the box!

Tag us in your Plushy Sofa in a Box pics!


sofa in a box

Our sofas in a box are high quality, super comfy, sofas delivered straight to your door in cute and convenient boxes, that allow you to glide effortlessly through the tightest door frames and the narrowest hallways. You can then set the sofa up anywhere you need it by simply and securely slotting it together without the use of tools.
We measure from the widest and tallest points of each sofa, including cushions overhanging beyond the frame to the highest point on a fully fluffed seat cushion. As well as all the outward curves and pretty angles.

Two seater sofa overall measures: W150cm x D88cm x H90cm.

Three seater sofa overall measures: W212cm x D88cm x H90cm.
We're proud to say that all of our furniture is designed and built by ourselves right here in the UK. Everything from cutting the wood to make the frame, to lovingly upholstering each piece, to packaging each item with care, it's all carried out by a member of the Plushy team.
Our sofas come with solid wood legs. Two colour options are available. Either a natural wood finish, which is the natural colour of he wood, with a clear coat applied over the top. Or, there is a dark brown colour which is finished with a stain that allows the natural grain of the wood to remain visible, a clear coat in then applied over the top. As with the rest of the sofa frame, these legs are very sturdy.
We're so confident on the quality of everything we produce, we provide a free of charge twelve month warranty on all items. This excludes wear and tear and accidental damage.
Thinking of moving home in the future?

These sofas are easy to dismantle just as quickly and easily as they went together. The pieces can then be boxed back up for safe transport. What's even better is, you won't need to go to the expense of a removal van transporting the sofa. Once boxed up, the parts will easily fit into a smaller vehicle. Then when you're ready, simply assemble back together in the new location.
All our sofas require very little maintenance and will look great for years to come. However, here's a few handy tips and tricks and do's and don'ts to keep your furniture looking like new.

To keep your sofa spick and span, it will love a good, regular vacuuming {using only the soft bristle attachment that comes with the vacuum) to remove any build up of dust.

Don't forget to remove the cushions to remove any dust and crumbs that might be hidden underneath.

Fluff the cushions up now and then and also rotate them on a regular basis.

Quickly mop up any spillages with a soft, lint-free cloth - no rubbing or scrubbing please!

Also very important, no sitting on the arms please.
Yes, in fact you can do it with your eyes closed... although it's a lot easier with them open! We've designed our sofa in a box range so that they're delivered in cute and convenient boxes and are a absolute breeze to assemble yourself with literally no skill needed. It's very straightforward and there is really very little to do. You'll have your sofas assembled in the time it takes to make a cheese toastie... and what's more, you won't require any tools either.

It's simply a matter of unboxing, screwing on the legs, slotting on the back and arms and placing the cushions. “It's like Lego for adults, but a hundred times easier, a thousand times more fun and a millon times more useful!“
Of course, all our sofas are built from the ground up, by ourselves right here in the UK. All items are carefully upholstered using high quality, long lasting velvet fabrics. The arms are well padded for extra comfort using high grade foam that doesn't degrade and lose it's cushioning qualities over the years.

We carefully construct all our sofa frames from an engineered hard-wood that's designed to last for many years.

Our sofas slot together with ease, but despite this, a tigh fit is achieved and there is no movement or wobble of the parts once assembled.

High grade filings that are comfortable and maintain proper shape are used in all our seat cushions. To sum up, the face that our sofas come in a box and are assembled by hand is undetectable once assembled. You'll have a piece of furniture to be proud of for many years to come!
Yes, all seat and back cushions are reversible. Essentially, they're made with the same color velvet on both the front and back, so they can be turned around. We think this is a nice little touch of luxury, especially when so many sofas now-days come with inferior black plain cloth on the reverse.
What, with a luxurious velvet, super-soft, yet supportive foam padding and fluffy, squishy bolster cushions. They're more than comfy - they're super comfy. You'll find the ergonomics are just perfect and that our sofas are the perfect place to chill every. single. day!
Yes. we off five velvet options in the most popular of colours to suit every taste and to complement every interior. A light grey velvet, navy velvet, cream natural velvet and a taupe velvet are all available. Which colour will you choose?
If you live in a house with tight doorways, an apartment on the fifteenth floor, or anywhere with narrow corridors, but you really wish you could own a big comfy sofa, but can’t for the life of you get it to fit where it needs to be without wishing you could just saw it in half and put it back together again. This is where we come to the rescue, we’ve designed a sofa that gets delivered in manageable boxes, so you can easily transport your sofa wherever it needs to go, be it up a twisty-turny staircase or in a small elevator and within a matter of minutes have it assembled without the use of tools. The fact that our sofas are slotted together is completely undetectable and you would never know they had come from a box. What’s more, they’re designed to last for years.
Gone are the old days of choosing a sofa and then having to wait an eternity for it to arrive. Once you place your order via our website, we begin building your furniture and aim to have it delivered to your door in a matter of days, not weeks. Even better - delivery is completely free.
We also make chairs and snuggle chairs in the same style and range of velvet fabrics and colour wooden legs to complement our two and three seater sofas. These are also delivered in boxes and self assemble in the same manner as the sofas. We also offer a beautiful range of footstools in several different shapes and styles to complement every taste. Some have deep buttoning for a touch of luxury and others offer handy storage thus creating the perfect blend between storage, table and spare seating. These are also available in the same fabulous range of velvets, go on treat yourself!
Yes, we can send a free fabric sample pack to you so you can make the decision in the comfort of your own home. Just complete the form on our website and we’ll have your swatches with you in just a couple of days. Use this as an opportunity to decide which colour will work best with your existing interior furnishings and decorations.