There are a lot of things we aren’t sure of, including why Butterscotch Angel Delight tastes so good.

But there are two things we absolutely know for certain:

That’s the problem we wanted to solve. We wanted to make high-quality, super-comfy, seriously-stylish sofas (and other bits of furniture) that came in a box and could be moved when you moved without you even breaking a sweat.

We wanted to design a sofa that would stop Ross from having to shout. “Pivot!”

So we picked up a pencil and made some calls to

a) a furniture designer friend of ours,

b) a letting agent friend of ours,

c) a removal driver that wasn’t a friend of ours but knew a friend of ours and

d) our old college mate, Dave, who has more sofa-time under his belt than a professional gamer.

It was the team we’d always dreamed of.

A team of experts that covered every aspect of what we wanted to focus on:

Design. Convenience. Agility. Comfort.


And we make every piece of furniture ourselves, right here, in the UK.


Welcome to the super-comfy sofa in a box you’ve always dreamed of.

Our reason for working so hard has always been to help you relax even harder.

Whether you’re a renter that’s knows the struggle of moving house each year, a student that’s craving a stylish third-year pad, a home-owner with really narrow doorways or just someone who has dreamed of taking their sofa to the park in an Uber, our range of flat pack, self-assembly, sofas-in-a-box are for you… and you won’t need any tools.

But what makes our flat pack sofas, chairs and snugglers so OMG!

Is not just how easy they are to move, but how comfortable they are to snooze on. From lazy Sunday mornings reading that novel you almost started last summer to chilled out evenings trying to complete Netflix, to hanging out with your friends — our sofa-in-a-box will make you go mmmmm.

Like proud parents, we’re proud of every new achievement, innovation and move we make.

But the thing we’re proudest about is the care we take in everything we do. From the way we craft our furniture to the way we look after our customers, as well as the way we help you navigate all those niggly obstacles like tight doorways, garden gates and spiral staircases. The people at Plushy are proud to make life easier and comfier for everyone.

Trust us: the first time your bum sinks into our soft sofa cushions, you’ll feel your head nod in appreciation as your future flashes before your eyes; a future full of lazy days and cosy stays, a place to play and tea on trays, and somewhere from which to shout, Alexa, play Kanye.”

And we’re so confident of this, that we offer a thirty-day free trial on all our items.

That’s what we call The Plushy Promise.