How to: moving a sofa upstairs

Are you looking to purchase a fairly large sofa, but you’re worried you won’t be able to maneuver it upstairs because it has to go up a twisty staircase?

How do i make sure my sofa will go upstairs. It can be a little frustrating knowing that by the time you’ve visited different shops, looked through loads of fabric samples, and finally made your choice, that the sofa is going to be traumatic to get upstairs.

Or perhaps you’ve had to move to an apartment on a higher floor, or simply need to move furniture to another floor of a house? Sometimes it would be so much easier to just log on and buy a sofa in a box.

You don’t want to risk damaging the sofa or pulling your back for that matter.

Let us help make life a little easier for you with our following tips

Moving a big, heavy sofa is no easy task at the best of times, never mind trying to carry it upstairs.

The fact that a sofas are awkwardly shaped makes it quite tricky to keep hold of at different angles.

1. Get someone to help.

Moving a sofa up steps will generally require the sofa to be titled at different angles and this is way easier with an extra set of hands to avoid damage to yourself or the sofa.

Top Tip

Always have the strongest person carry the sofa at the bottom end.

Make the sofa lighter

1. Start by removing all seat, back and any bolster cushions.

This reduces the weight significantly and can reduce the size of the sofa a little as some cushions overhang the edge of the frame.

2. Where possible remove the legs of the sofa.

These will either just twist off – in an anti-clock wise direction, or they maybe screwed on.

You don’t want anything to snag on any banisters whilst you’re carrying the sofa. This may well give you just that bit of extra space needed to move it upstairs.

Protect the sofa from getting damaged

You may want to consider protecting the sofa with blankets. Not only will this stop any damage to the upholstery fabric, but will also avoid any damage to walls or plaster work.

Top Tip

Turn the sofa on it’s side and slide it on a rug or blanket into its final position rather than carrying it

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