2 Seater Sofa

OG Couch Potato
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At a glance

  • Reversible seat and back cushions.
  • Fully sprung seat and back.
  • Super easy assembly, everything you need is provided.
  • Flat packed and delivered in easy to move boxes.

why you’ll love

The OG Couch Potato 2 Seater Sofa

Remember the first time you ever put on clothes that were still warm from the dryer? That’s how this sofa feels. It just hits different.

Made from a combination of marshmallows and cloud nine, the 2-seater is ready to whisk you off your feet and become the dreamiest spot in your digs. So kick back, relax and enjoy life in the slow lane because your soon-to-be-sofa can host as hard as it chills.

Staying home never felt so goooooood.


It Feels So Fly

You know that feeling when you flip your pillow over in the middle of a hot night and then you sleep in until you can’t physically sleep in any longer, and then you sit up and stretch, your eyes opening with a childlike wonder as you take in the sights of your bedroom for what feels like the very first time; your curtains gently dancing in the wind as the 11am light pours through the gaps in thick visible rays and you realise your head is the only thing poking out of your perfectly-worn duvet? Well, times that feeling by roughly a thousand and you’re about half-way there ‘cos The 2 Seater Sofa is just. that. comfy.


Not Just Soft. Super-Soft

Designed by our team of sofa designers (and their lazy teenage kids for quality assurance purposes), the 2 Seater Sofa hits more “ohhhh yeah!” spots than those weird spidery head massager things. *Shivers*. *Smiles*.

Some say what we’ve achieved is magic, while those with design backgrounds prefer to claim it’s our combination of super-soft, foam padding, expert ergonomics and fluffy bolster cushions that make this sofa so comfy.

Whether it’s magic or science, no one knows. All we can say for sure is you’ll want to spend every waking minute (and some sleepy minutes) in The 2 Seater. Probably.



If our second favourite thing about these legs is their delicate appearance, then our first favourite thing is how sturdy they are. Built on a strong frame made of laminated hardwood, the 2 Seater Sofa is ready for every occasion, from “squeeze-on” movie nights to spontaneous pillow fights — and you can customise our simple but strong legs to suit your style.

“Hey, Luke, is there anything we haven’t thought of… No? That’s what I thought.”


#Self Assembly Goals

There’s nothing worse than buying yourself something cool for the house, taking it home, ripping the box open and realising there’s a gajillion pieces to piece together and 31-pages of hieroglyphics to guide you… which is why we’ve done the opposite. We made a sofa you can assemble in less time than it takes to make a cheese toastie… But here’s our Chief Design Boffin to talk you through it:

“Our flat pack 2 Seater Sofa is delivered to your door in cute and convenient boxes that allow you to effortlessly navigate tight hallways and even tighter doorways so that you can set it up anywhere you want before simply — and securely — bolting the pieces together, which you could do with one hand tied behind your back… although it’s a lot easier with both hands available.”

— Luke, Chief Design Boffin


Pretty Little Package

Every home has its challenges. But whether you have noticeably-narrow doorways, a terribly-tight staircase, higgledy-piggledy hallways or anything in between, our 2 Seater Sofa will glide through it all without anyone having to shout the word, “PIVOT!”. That’s because we separate each sofa into 2-3 pretty little packages so that you never break a sweat, no matter how many times you move house or forget to wear deodorant.



The 2 Seater is more than just a place to kick back and relax. It’s your sanctuary. That place to stretch-out and smile for a while. Your go-to spot for chilled days as the radio plays, watch the game as you yell the ref’s to blame or simply relax with a book for 10-minutes before you cook. And because we’re so confident you’re going to feel the same way, we offer a thirty-day free trial on all our items.

That’s the Plushy Promise.

You probably guessed this already but, just FYI, when we measure our pieces of furniture, we measure them from the widest and tallest points. From cushions overhanging beyond the frame to the highest point on a fully-fluffed seat cushion, as well as all the outward curves and pretty angles, we include all of these in the overall dimensions.

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