Student Living – 8 Pieces of furniture every student needs to own

Our memory of student life is a little bit foggy (duh!) but we can still remember how great it was waking up with nothing to do but eat four bowls of microwaveable Mac N’ Cheese and then take a nap in your flatmate’s inflatable chair. It’s the stress free life all adults still crave. But there comes a time in every student’s life where reheated pizza and wonky furniture needs to make way for a more chic living space where you can sit down and crush your assignments in style (okay, and impress that hottie you met on Friday night). The question is: how do you fill your space with affordable pieces of furniture that look cool, are easy to move and make you want to reach your full student potential in every way imaginable? Well, that’s where we’ve got you covered. From sofas in a box to blackboard planners for your wall, here are the best items to help you become an interior design pro while prepping your room for the academic year — and of course your study sessions with that hottie:

Sofa In A Box

The 3 life-lessons we all learn pretty early on in adulthood are a) trying to carry a sofe up some stairs is really hard, b) doorways are way too narrow for furniture and c) *that* episode of F·R·I·E·N·D·S is way more accurate that we first realised. That’s why you need this seriously comfy, quality, snuggly and dare we say sexy-looking flat pack sofa, which arrives in a box and can be assembled without tools before you’ve even made a cuppa tea. Or a snakebite, depending on the time of day.

Vox Lori Desk

We’re not saying a good study desk is everything, but it’s pretty much everything — and totally indispensable if you’re studying long hours. That’s why you need a study desk that looks great, will keep you organised and doesn’t take up any more room than it needs to. Cue this Vox Lori Desk, which gets top marks for versatility, functionality and looking absolutely fire with its graphite finish and pine pole legs.

Faux Sheepskin Rug

There comes a time in every student’s life where they will find themselves laying on the floor, possibly in the fetal position, probably with a deadline closing in. That’s when a super-soft sheepskin rug will come in handy. But most of all, they’re just amazing for any student wanting a stylish room that is really, really kind on their bank balance.

Odger Swivel Chair

Everything good that ever comes from your studying, comes from having a good, ergonomic, comfortable desk chair. Something that can be adjusted to the height of your desk, with enough flex to let you flex, stretch and relax, and arms to help reduce you feeling tired after hours of tapping your keyboard. But the best thing about this Odger chair from Ikea is that it doesn’t have rollers, so you won’t get distracted by Bonnie Tyler’s “Turn Around” or the chance to race your housemates down the street using fire extinguishers.

Blackboard Planner

When you’re a student with some serious studying to do, organisation is the order of the day. That’s what this Malarna Blackboard Planner champions like no other. It gives you a place to write down your deadlines, organise your to-do list and remind yourself which classes you have when and on which campus. But that’s not the only reason you need to get yourself one of these. Lend a friend your favourite hoodie? Make a note of it on here. Housemate steal the last of your Nutella? Remind them with a passive aggressive message with confirmation you know where they live.

Fold-Away Laundry Bag

Ask any newly-free adult what the worst part about fleeing the nest and becoming a student was and they’ll all tell you the same thing: becoming independent means doing your own laundry (well, at least during term time anyway). And it’s true. But while we can’t help you work your washing machine or understand what the hieroglyphics on your labels mean, we can tell you to get a pop-up laundry bag to keep your space tidy, your clothes smelling fresh and your bank balance happy.

Air Purifying Houseplants

Are houseplants technically considered to be furniture? No. Are they still an absolute essential for every student? Absolutely. First off, they will make your space look so chic and sophisticated and cool, like that influencer’s house that you can’t stop screenshot-ing. But houseplants are more than just a pretty plant; they can improve your mood, reduce tiredness, lower your stress and anxiety levels, help you focus, boost air quality and they look really pretty. Oh and you can get some virtually unkillable plants, which is a plus.

A Really Decent Pillow

Sleep is the best. Whether you’re getting an early night ahead of that exam or you’re planning on staying out all night after your exams, sleep is the best — so make sure you invest in a really good pillow. It could be made with duck down or memory foam, really soft or nice and hard, whatever suits your sleeping style. So long as it boosts your ability to get a great night’s sleep, supports your spine and has you waking up more refreshed than an ice cold glass of lemon water, which head mattress you get is totally your choice.