Sofa in a box – Is this the future of buying sofas?

We know that searching for the perfect sofa can be a real headache. Especially for those that want something that’s high quality, comfy and built to stand the test of time, but live in a property that makes getting furniture in and out a real nightmare. Perhaps you live in an apartment on the tenth floor and dread the thought of trying to carry a sofa up the staircase.

There’s one thing you certainly won’t have to do when buying a sofa in a box and that’s compromise! Perhaps you’ve just moved into an apartment and you’re thinking to yourself that you’ll never be able to own a super comfy, super quality, super stylish sofa, because you just perish the thought of getting up all of those flights of windy stairs? Never mind trying to squeeze the sofa into the apartment elevator!

Well worry no more, our self assembly sofas are all of these qualities and more! What’s more, they’re made here in Blighty in the heart of the Nottinghamshire countryside. Here’s why the Plushy sofa in a box, is the perfect match for your home:

A sofa in a box. what that cant be true!

There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — do they really work? So, what’s a sofa in a box? Well, in theory, it’s a sofa in a box. the difference is, first of all, our sofas don’t technically come in a box, they come in several easy to move boxes.

  • Designed to Move with you easily, anywhere
  • Arrives in manageable sized boxes
  • Five Velvet fabrics, in colours the you actually want.
  • The best part – No tools are required for assembly

The sofa you’ve always wanted. In the room you couldn’t get it in.

Ever tried to get a sofa in a room, but got stuck at the first door? We’re going to show you how to get any sofa. In any room. Through any door. And up the stairs, easily. How. One word (well 4) Sofa in a box.

Moves with you anywhere. Easily

Even if…

  • Your room is in a loft conversion
  • Your home has narrow doorframes
  • Spiral stairs – with minimal fuss.

This superhero sofa can fit into the room you’ve always wanted.

“It’s hard to hate a sofa. As long as it’s Plush(y), comfortable, and big enough to spread out on.”

Finally, sofas delivered to your doorstep in easy-to-move boxes

Once upon a time, buying a sofa was something you could only do in store, would normally involve multiple trips to showrooms, viewing hundreds of sofas and stressing about which one was right for your home. And if i would fit.

But now there’s a new sofa on the block, so…

  • Forget worrying about whether it will fit
  • Perfect for those homes with small door-frames
  • No more scuffed paintwork
  • Assembled in a matter of minutes

Plus a sofa can be the biggest pain of moving, not anymore. The fact that your next move will be so much more easier without having to Friends-style “pivot” is a big plus! Not only do our sofas come flat packed to allow you to get them through tight spaces, they also dis-assemble if you move home in the future.

But c’mon, Is this type of sofa even comfortable

Buying a sofa online sounds pretty risky—so much money! such a big piece!—its enough to give anyone a headache. And let’s be honest theres no point in having a sofa thats pretty to look at, it needs to be equally as comfy as it is to self assemble. Nap-worthy furniture awaits you.

That’s why everything within our range utilises the best materials possible to achieve the most comfy sofa, with well padded arms and just the right density of foam inners for the cushions make for a relaxed vibe as well as offering the right amount of support.

  • Seat cushions that don’t sliding off the front if you slouch
  • Cushy filled back cushions provided great support without feeling like a brick wall
  • Super soft—ultra-plush—lush velvet fabric

Durable fabric

The right fabric is one of the most important factors when choosing a new sofa. The fabric must look stylish, feel great and complement your interior. But more importantly it needs to be durable. Our sofas are carefully upholstered with only the best, most sumptuous velvets that feel soft to the touch, designed to last and available in five beautiful coloured modern velvets designed to complement every interior.

Choosing the right colour is important. Therefore, before making your decision, we would suggest ordering our free swatch sample pack. Take time to recognise which colours work best with your existing soft furnishing and wall colours. A good starting point would be our grey, natural and taupe velvets, as these can be easily introduced into just about any current colour scheme. In the future you then have the creative freedom to design an interior scheme based around the furniture. Why not add interest with bright scatter cushions and throws to make a real statement?

Surely it cant be very sturdy

A sofa in a box—can it live up-to every day life. A sofa is a major investment after all it’s one of the most used items in the whole home, so it needs to be strong and solid.

Therefore when making your purchasing decision, you need to be safe in the knowledge that it’s going to live up to everyday use for years to come.

You know, stand the test of time. something that would age gracefully—or—get better with age.

  • The frame made from engineered hardwood
  • Real wood legs, not plastic look-a-likes
  • Solid metal brackets

All make for a super solid robust sofa that doesn’t wobble, You don’t want to end up with an inferior frame that may warp and wobble within a few years. The frame is the foundation and needs to be robust. Our frames are made from engineered hardwood and are designed to last for years to come. The legs are also made from solid wood.

We’re solving the biggest problem with most furniture, thats why we made the luxury sofa for real life.

Oh, and did we mention their super easy to assemble.

Don’t worry, because this is nothing like the frustrating process of putting together a jigsaw of millions of nuts and bolts. Not only do all of the pieces fit together perfectly, they can be unboxed and assembled in less time than it takes to make a brew! What’s even more appealing is you don’t even need any tools at all.

That’s why we’ve created a high quality range consisting of a self assembly sofas, chairs, snuggle chairs and accompanying footstools delivered in boxes and self assemble in five minutes.

1. Start by screwing the legs to each corner of the base. Make it easier for yourself by placing the base on it’s side. Turn the legs in a clockwise direction until fully tightened.

2. Now all four legs are screwed in position, place the base on its legs and attach the back. Do this by aligning the metals connectors of the back to the ones in the base and push down until fully inserted. Ensure all connectors are properly in position before continuing.

3. Now slot on the arms in the same way as you connected the back, by ensuring the metal connectors are aligned and carefully pushing down until fully inserted. Do this for both arms.

4. Last, but not least and that is to place on the cushions. Place the larger of the cushions on the base and the smaller of the cushions on the back. Now sit back, enjoy and make sure you follow Plushy Sofas on Instagram for more handy hints and tips.

So there you have it, we hope you enjoyed reading why we think the sofa in a box is the sofa of the future. Why not try a Plushy for yourself? If you don’t like it, we include a free 30 night trial on the entire range.