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OG Couch Potato
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At a glance

  • Reversible seat and back cushions.
  • Fully sprung seat and back.
  • Super easy assembly, everything you need is provided.
  • Flat packed and delivered in easy to move boxes.

why you’ll love

The OG Couch Potato Arm Chair

This is not just a super-comfy, uber-cosy, exceptionally-snuggly armchair; it’s the furniture version of Leonard Cohen’s voice: warm, cosy and worth repeating (over and over). Made from a combination of high-quality fabrics and your wildest dreams, The Armchair is about to become the super-soft sanctuary you’ve been craving since you first left home-home. Mmmmmmm.


It Feels Like Heaven

You know that feeling when you stick your hand out of the car window on a road trip and the wind lifts it up and you feel like that part of your body is a bird or when someone gives you a compliment so good you can actually feel yourself blushing or when you made goofy faces at the cute little kid at the table next to you and they started giggling and smiling super big?

Well, squidge all those feelings together into one big fuzzy feeling, then multiply it by 100 and you’re about halfway there. That’s how good The Armchair feels.


Pretty Pegs & Lovely Legs

You know how ants are teeny-tiny and look all weak but can actually carry the weight of the world on their little antibodies? Well, our delicate-looking legs are exactly the same, except wayyyy cuter.

Built on simple yet sturdy legs, The Armchair is ready for everything, from loved-up couples enjoying movie nights to sugar-high kids having spontaneous play fights. But best of all, you can actually customise the legs to suit your style, match your decor or simply fit the season. “Darkwood legs with a pumpkin-spiced latte, anyone?”


Not Just Soft. Super-Soft

Designed by a team of furniture makers, book-lovers, daytime-nappers and our mate Dave who works from home in his underwear, The Armchair is about to become your absolutely favourite “mmmmm yeah” spot.

Made with a super-soft backrest, perfectly supportive padding, savvy ergonomics and cushions that are even softer than Mr Darcy’s second proposal, you’ll never want to leave The Armchair. You’ll just want to pull a blanket up to your chin and watch Pride & Prejudice again. Probably.

One Tool. No Stress. No Problems.

#Self Assembly Goals

Remember that time a magician did something totally impossible and you couldn’t stop thinking about it for roughly 3 years, 8 months and 16 days? Well, assembling your Armchair will make you feel the same for one big reason: no tools are needed. Now we’d love to tell you it’s magic, but when we hired our designers, they insisted on two things:

1) All-you-can-eat doughnuts every other Wednesday and
2) Giving them full credit for their genius work.

“Our flat pack chair is delivered directly to your door in 2 cute and convenient boxes, allow you to effortlessly navigate tight doorways and tighter-than-tight hallways so that you can plonk your new chair anywhere you want before simply — and securely — bolting the pieces together, which is so easy to do you could do it while bouncing on a pogostick… although it’s a lot easier if you don’t.”

— Luke, Chief Design Boffin


Pretty Little Packages

Every home has a few hiccups, from nasty narrow doorways to tremendously-tight stairways, topsy-turvy hallways to boobytraps made of *mayonnaise (*we couldn’t think of anything else that rhymes with hallways).

But don’t panic: your new Armchair will glide through it all because each chair comes in 2-3 pretty little packages so that you’ll never break a sweat, no matter how many times you move house or forget to wear deodorant.



The Armchair is more than just a place to kick back and relax; it’s your super-snuggly sanctuary.

A place to curl up with that book you almost started last year or chill out after work with an ice-cold beer. Your go-to spot for lazy days as your Spotify plays, checking your emails or painting your nails, to rest your eyes or watch the sunrise.

And because we’re so confident you’re going to feel the same way, we offer a thirty-day free trial on all our items.

That’s the Plushy Promise.

You probably guessed this already but, just FYI, when we measure our pieces of furniture, we measure them from the widest and tallest points. From cushions overhanging beyond the frame to the highest point on a fully-fluffed seat cushion, as well as all the outward curves and pretty angles, we include all of these in the overall dimensions.

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