Get snuggly on your snuggle chair – the perfect night in for 2

Let’s face it; staying in is the new going out! Not least when you have a snuggle chair.

Whether you’re finally able to meet up with bae following the social restrictions or you’re a cohabiting couple who can’t be bothered with the hassle linked to going out in the current situation, a romantic night in is the idea of perfection. Snuggle chairs promise to take your date night to the next level.

Here’s how you and your snuggler can enjoy the perfect home date night in style.

Step 1: Order a snuggle chair

Home date nights are great for a variety of reasons. However, the chance to cuddle up close with your loved one is the ultimate incentive for choosing the comfort of your living room over public date settings.

Whether you call them snuggle chairs, a snuggle sofa, or snuggle seats and snuggler doesn’t matter. The cosy ‘seat-and-a-half’ snuggle chair is the perfect size for snuggling up close with bae while it also serves as a fantastic option for spending time with your pet, kids, or grandkids.

The super-comfortable velvet material won’t leave you feeling sticky on those long summer evenings. Conversely, when coupled with your favourite blanket, the snuggle chair will keep you warm and cosy on cold winter nights.

With a wide range of colours including forest green, navy blue and not forgetting the most popular colour the grey snuggle chair, finding a suitable solution for your living room or conservatory should be easy. While snuggle chairs can be enjoyed in a range of situations, their value on romantic nights in with your snuggle buddy cannot be emphasised enough.

Step 2: Set the scene

Quality snuggle chairs provide the perfect focal point for building a romantic setting for your night in. However, a few simple adjustments can truly help set the scene for love. Aside from creating a romantic atmosphere, it is the key to ensuring that your date night doesn’t fall into the trap of feeling like any other evening.

Setting the dining table to generate those special vibes to the home should be at the top of your agenda. A fancy tablecloth and seat covers will transform the dining room from bland to grand. Velvet will deliver the same levels of luxury and comfort that your snuggle chair brings to the lounge.

The visual elements can be further supported by the addition of rose petals or at able ornament. Meanwhile, eating by candlelight will ramp up the romance by adding a nice aroma and a truly relaxed vibe to match the overall aesthetic.

Finishing touches can be made by building a Spotify playlist ahead of your date night. From general love songs to tunes that are special to your relationship, the sound of love will work wonders for setting the scene. You may want to draw the curtains too, although it might not be necessary during the height of summer.

Step 3: Get the drinks in

Sharing a special drink can be one of the best tricks for turning your dream date night into a reality. For starters, the fact that you don’t share a bottle of wine each night can help distinguish this evening as your date night, which is great for promoting the right mindset.

Furthermore, preordering that Chateau Tour Massac Margaux 2012 you shared on your last vacation before the pandemic can provide another point of conversation. Reminiscing on those magical memories will feel sweeter than ever after the difficulties of the past 18 months. Likewise, sinking a few glasses will see stress levels fade, thus allowing you to truly relax. This could be particularly beneficial if you have been living apart during the pandemic.

The harsh reality is that you are unlikely to replicate the vibes of a club or cocktail bar. Nonetheless, there’s nothing to stop you from buying some mixers and ingredients to create some crazy cocktails of your own. The fun will be flowing in no time. Or if you don’t drink alcohol, mocktails are an equally fantastic solution.

Step 4: Cook a fun meal

If you’re going to be drinking, it’s probably wise to ensure that you eat some food to soak it up. While you don’t want to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen, cooking a romantic meal together can add an extra ingredient of fun to your big night in.

The best options are foods that allow you to work together, build unique creations, and embrace your fun and flirty side. Think pizzas, tapas foods, and fajitas. They are quick, convenient, and provide plenty of fun. We suggest an Ooni pizza oven as it will deliver stunning meals time and time again.

While the romantic meal is a great way to get your date night started, this isn’t the only part of your night that can be enhanced by food. A chocolate fondue set combined with strawberries and marshmallows can provide something more interesting than your standard evening snack. Of course, a box of your favourite chocolates or imported snacks from America can make your night even sweeter.

There’s nothing like tucking into those tasty treats together while snuggling on your snuggle chair.

Step 5: Netflix and chill

Sharing a wonderful meal will certainly provide the backdrop for a perfect night together. Nevertheless, it’s the thought of cuddling on your snuggler chair that truly fills you with excitement. You’ve set the scene and ordered your perfect snuggler.

However, it counts for very little if you don’t choose the right film to watch, Netflix isn’t your only option. Disney, Amazon Prime, and a host of additional streaming services are available. Or you could go old school with a DVD. Either way, you should pick a movie rather than watching Friends for the 500th time.

One option is to pick the latest blockbuster. Alternatively, you could celebrate your love by re-watching the film you picked on your first date. Either way, the key is to separate this evening from other nights spent at home. It will add a warmth that makes your time on the snuggle chair all the more satisfying.

Last but not least, leave the dishes until the morning. Scrubbing dishes would seriously kill the mood.