How to: measure a sofa

How do I measure a sofa to ensure problem free delivery? So you’ve spent weeks browsing the web looking for the perfect sofa, you’ve ordered tons of swatches and you’ve eventually picked out a colour which will look just perfect in your living room.

In a whirl of excitement you add the sofa to your shopping basket, fill in your payment details and hit the big pay button. Marvelous, all you have to do now is sit back and wait for delivery!

Then it suddenly dawns on you – will this sofa actually fit?

The last thing you want is to fail at the first hurdle and not even be able to get the sofa through the front door! Do you really want the hassle of going through the returns process?

This is were sofas delivered in boxes come in really handy as there guaranteed to fit in any home.

That’s why we’ve prepared our own handy tips to ensure you measure for success. Read on to discover how to ensure you correctly measure your next sofa for problem free delivery.

Find the dimensions for your new sofa

Usually found at the bottom of the product page are the dimensions.

You need to ensure you take note of both width, depth and height of the item.

Make sure the dimensions are of the widest and tallest points including seat or back cushions that overhang beyond the frame.

Jot these dimensions down and keep them to hand.

Measure the entryway of your house

Measure the height and width of the doorway, with the door physically open.

It should be noted that the width of the door will need to be more than the height or depth of the sofa (whichever is less), as that’s the way the sofa will be turned to fit through.

If your sofa clearly isn’t going to fit then the next option would be a large window or patio doors as an alternative.

Then follow the path through your home the sofa will have to pass through to its new position.

Check for any obstacles

Proceed to follow the path through the home the sofa will have to travel to its new position. Check for narrow turnings in any hallways, wall or ceiling lights that may need to be removed.

If you live in an apartment building, you may need to measure the width of any stairs the sofa needs to be carried up. Also any elevator doors will need to be measured.

Measure the height of all ceilings

Measure the height of all ceilings the sofa will need to pass through and compare against the length of the sofa.

Sometimes the sofa may have to be turned up on end to get through certain spaces.

Our final tip would be to remove the sofa legs, as this may well just make the difference between bringing the sofa in freely or getting it stuck. This is usually carried out by simply twisting them anti-clockwise.

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