7 Things to consider when buying an Ottoman

Ottomans and storage footstools are undoubtedly one of the greatest additions for the modern home. They have the power to transform the aesthetic of your living spaces while simultaneously delivering a level of practicality that can keep the home organised and peaceful.

Most home owners can agree that storage ottomans are a fantastic investment. However, their influence on a room means that you should only settle for the very best product. Use the following seven questions for guidance and you should have little trouble finding the perfect ottoman for your home.

What fabric should I choose?

When buying an ottoman for your living room, it’s important to recognise that it will be frequently used. On the one hand, this ensures that you will gain excellent value for money. On the other hand, it puts you under immense pressure to find a suitable fabric.

Leather, suede, and microfibre materials are all popular choices. However, velvet fabric gives your ottoman a distinctly luxurious look and touch. It’s comfortable for sitting on or using as a footstool. Better still, it is a durable material that is designed to last. Velvet can also be used for cushions and throws, enabling you to create consistency throughout the room.

Despite the concerns shared by many homeowners, velvet is surprisingly easy to maintain and clean too. Many spills can be soaked up through dabbing with a towel.

What colour is most suitable?

While sofas, seating, and furniture choices are often matched, an ottoman can be used as a statement piece that contrasts surrounding features. Offsetting the rest of the room in this way is a great way to grab the attention and add excitement and fresh energy.

Of course, the key is to find a solution that compliments the room’s existing characteristics regardless of whether it’s a contrast or matched appeal. The Forest Green is perfect for contrasting neutral wall colours. Meanwhile, grey and taupe colours work perfectly with fabric sofas of a similar style.

When thinking about the colour, as well as the fabric, you should consider the location. If it’s staying in the conservatory, for example, you must consider the impacts of sunlight.

What are the intended Ottoman functions?

Ottomans aren’t only loved for their gorgeous appearances. Thanks to their compact size, portability, and general design make them an extremely versatile solution too. Nonetheless, the primary function for your family’s intended usage will influence your purchase.

The ottoman can be used as an extra seat, a footrest, a storage facility, a makeshift coffee table, and so much more. The answers will determine whether an ottoman with legs and storage is needed. Likewise, the proposed primary function will also help you determine the desired height for your ottoman.

This is one aspect where there is no single right or wrong option, except the one that works for you. Ask what you actually want the ottoman for and you won’t go wrong.

Which shape should I select for my Ottoman?

The versatility of ottomans on the marketplace is underlined further by the fact that they are available in a variety of shapes. Rectangular, square, and triangular ottomans can all be found. Homeowners may turn to these solutions when filling alcoves and testing spaces.

Most commonly, though, a rounded ottoman will be the preferred choice for modern homes. They make a practical choice as a seat, table, or footstool. It also removes the threat of sharp edges that could pose a risk to children. The round shape is also suited to being tucked away in the corner or taking center stage in the room.

Before confirming your decision, it’s worth measuring the room before confirming that the size and shape of the ottoman will fit nicely without being dwarfed.

What style of Ottoman is right for my home?

Ottomans have been used in interior design for many years, but their growing appeal has seen a flux of new styles enter the market. Many of the best products on the market combine traditional attributes with contemporary ideas. Now is the time to embrace those ideas.

The classic style of an ornate piece that features intricate woodwork and legs can be used with rectangle ottomans. Alternatively, a range of premium quality rounded ottomans can utilise the same characteristics while bringing a modern twist and function to the table. The upholstery fabrics can also depict patterned designs if required.

Choices will be largely influenced by the interior design choices of your home. If you have a contemporary living space, the ottoman style selections should follow suit.

How much Ottoman storage should I seek?

The dual (or even triple) function of ottomans is one of the most appealing attributes by far. Modern families have more possessions than any previous generation, which is why storage often comes at a premium. Ottomans go a long way to helping you organise the space.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a family of five or a student, the extra storage is very handy. Magazines, notepads, TV remotes, and a host of other small items can be stored inside the ottoman (psst…parents, you could even hide your chocolate here). You may only need a small amount of storage, but it’s worth writing down a list of potential products.

When the ottoman matches your storage needs, it will become one of the greatest assets in your entire home. Do not ignore this aspect during the decision-making process.

Is one Ottoman enough?

Ottomans are amazing. They can put an end to the days of saying “I wish I had an extra seat” or “I wish there was somewhere to store this”. The fact that they add to the aesthetic appeal of the living spaces should not be overlooked either. What’s better than one? Two.

There’s no need to purchase a second ottoman for the sake of it. Nonetheless, it may offer a wealth of benefits. The pair can be used to create greater symmetry in the room while the extra seat and storage space will come in handy. You can push them together to create a table. When hosting friends, you can keep one ottoman in two separate rooms too.

In short, having a second ottoman will open up even greater possibilities. If you feel that you could benefit from those features, opting for two ottomans is the answer.